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Robin Risso, LMFT

Equine Assisted Behavioral Health Services

Enhancing Current Therapy or Getting Unstuck!

Sometimes, we can feel "stuck" with how therapy is going. It's important to talk with your therapist if you are feeling this way - is it just a pause or have you hit a roadblock in your journey? This is where equine assisted therapy may be able to help! We have found that working with our team can be a way to enhance the work being done with an ongoing individual or couples therapist. We work collaboratively to understand what the roadblocks may be - it's not a judgement on anyone's clinical skills, it's more about a different perspective. Sometimes, therapeutic activities with the horses can highlight or build understanding in ways that "talk" therapy can't. 

I have been able to see how the integration of traditional talk therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy can be very powerful and offer new insights and skills that are built upon and expanded back in the office. I would be happy to talk with you and your therapist about how we may be able to support the hard work you are already doing!