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Robin Risso, LMFT

Equine Assisted Behavioral Health Services


Telehealth, also known as online counseling has become the new normal for most of us for the time being. It's not a new modality but has become an essential part of accessing providers during this pandemic. Telehealth is just like an in-person session with a therapist, only over video conferencing. For some, it may be the best way to meet with a behavioral health professional moving forward. If you are more comfortable with working with someone virtually or have trouble scheduling with someone because of the complexities of your life, it may be easier and more efficient for you to access behavioral health care through telehealth. There may be more flexibility to schedule a time convenient for you, connecting with a therapist without physically coming to an office. For couples, it means you can be in two different locations and still make the time to work on your relationship.

Currently, I am able to meet with you virtually if you are located in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. If you live somewhere else and are interested, please contact me as the regulations are different and I am happy to research to know if I am able to work with you. If you want to engage in telehealth with me, you'll receive a email before each session for you to connect and log in. I utilize a platform that meets all privacy standards as I work to ensure tour privacy.

Telehealth sessions are easy to arrange and attend. Once we’ve determined that online counseling is right for you, we’ll set up a date and time for our appointment. Feel free to choose any private, quiet space where you will be comfortable and there’s a strong Wi-fi connection. Have your computer, mobile phone, or tablet with you and headphones and you are ready to go!

If you are unsure or have questions, please contact me and we can schedule a consultation!

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